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Hello there! If you don't already know me, my name is Ryan Courtney. I've been writing songs for the past 15 years. My music project is called TRENTON. The sound has developed into what fans call "Atmospheric Indie-Pop" Welcome to the VIP page!

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- VIP only tracks and current demos. I will upload demo's as I finish them. Users will be able to comment and give feedback, and help decide which songs will go on future albums.

-20% off all future merchandise (currently working on vinyl and t-shirts.)

-VIP only community for messages and photos

-The very first (6 song) EP from 2006 and the history behind it. I was just 18 years old when it was released. Very few people have heard this

-2 unreleased never before seen music videos. One of which was home-made. (You won't find these on youtube or anywhere else)

----> I will be adding new stuff ALL THE TIME.

What you get:

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Nashville, Tennessee
Trenton is an Atmospheric indie pop artist. A sound laced with ambient textures and uplifting melancholic tendencies.

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